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Epoxy is a strong durable coating that is ideal for protecting new concrete or restoring old concrete floors. Used by itself, it acts as a ‘thin film’ coating sealing the concrete and protecting it from chemicals and abrasion. When mixed with aggregate it delivers high performance floors for industry or decorative custom floors for commercial or residential applications. The versatility of epoxy makes it fun to customize and its reliability provides the integrity clients deserve.

Features and Benefits


Each floor system is tailored to meet usage requirements (i.e. feet, vehicle or tow-motor traffic). Essentially the thicker the floor coating, the stronger it is.


Epoxy floors leave no cracks or joints for dirt, mildew or mold to grow in.


Custom colours and different material combinations allow for the creation of truly unique floors.

Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean:

Once concrete is coated it no longer dusts and helps make adjacent floors cleaner. As epoxy has excellent chemical resistance, most spills can be easily cleaned up with soap and water with no impact to the coating.

Chemical Resistant:

Most spills cleaned up in a timely manner will have little to no impact on the coating. We offer chemical spill tests prior to floor application if there are specific chemical concerns.

Impact and Abrasion Resistant:

Epoxy creates such a strong bond that it helps prevent damage to the floor due to impact or abrasion. Environmentally Friendly: When ever possible Flooring Matters Inc. uses low Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.), 100% solids epoxies and low V.O.C. urethanes. Not only do these products limit their environmental impact, but they also reduce health and safety risks to installers, clients and other trades.